December 2016 New Product Showcase - Tuesday, December 13, 2016


December is a time of giving and All Power Supply is pleased to offer you many new products from great manufacturers that will help you sell more and add to your bottom line in 2017.


THOR has been working hard redesigning a wide selection of their products including inverters, chargers and accessories. 

Newly revamped products include:
  • THMS Modified Sine Wave Inverters
  • THPW Pure Sine Wave Inverters 
  • TH-IBS Inverter bypass switch
  • TH-EXT Power extension and duplex receptacle combined into one unit
  • Pro Series Inverter Kits for Upfitters
THOR Manufacturing has even greater things in store for 2017.


Samlex America has introduced an all-in-one Inverter unit called the EVOLUTION™ Series Pure Sine Wave Inverter/ adaptive battery charger & transfer relay which range up to 4000 watts of continuous duty. 

The Samlex EVO™ inverter/charger operates at 165 million instructions per second with lightning fast load & response times, has 9 points of physical protection monitoring (being scanned up to 10,000 times per second) to detect fault conditions & protect itself in a vast range of adverse environments.

Go Power announced their new ISW Line of pure sine wave power inverters ranging from 700 watts to 3000 watts. All models include cUL/us458 approval ratings. Go Power plans on phasing out the SW line but they will keep the GP-SW150-12, GP-SW300-12, and GP-SW1500-12. 

Go Power ISW3000 will only have a hard wire feature no AC receptacle

AIMS Power has a introduced a full line of UL Listed Power Inverters rnaging from 1000 - 3600 watts. This new line of power inverters also has a built in battery charger and transfer switch allowing users to go back and forth between utility power and inverter power easily. There is also an economical UL listed line that is perfect for users that just need a simple back up power solution without all of the "fancy" options.
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THOR Manufacturing introduces the redesigned THPW Series Pure Sine Wave Inverters - Monday, July 18, 2016

THOR Manufacturing is proud to introduce the redesigned THPW Series Pure Sine Wave Inverters with 1000 Watt, 1500 Watt, 2000 Watt and 3000 Watt models. All Power Supply customers have always relied on the dependable and high quality THOR Inverters and through your input and design ideas that you wanted and they delivered!

Here are some highlights of new and improved design.

  • Error Code Display. No other product offers it on the market.
  • All Models are hardwire capable, ideal for Truck Upfitters.
  • Sleek, low profile chassis.
  • Easy installation

And of course, our new inverters will continue to help you with your off-the-grid power needs whether it's for your RV, long haul truck, boat, mobile office, service vehicle or utility truck. Whatever you use it for, these amazing features will give you the power you need:



  • Additional mounting holes
  • Protective rubberized mounting holes


  • Rugged anodized outer housing
  • Hard wire Option
  • Fault Code indicator, Easy to read easy to understand Fault Codes
  • Quad 120VAC outlets for connecting multiple devices
  • USB 2.1!!! For your Tablets


  • Overload and high temperature shutdown
  • Over-temperature protection
  • Low voltage alarm
  • Low voltage shut down
  • Volt Meter / Watt meter fault code indicator

Want to see more? Click here to see the latest models and kits.

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Hurricane Season is Approaching. Are you prepared? - Monday, April 25, 2016
With the looming hurricane season that will hit the southern sea borders of the US, are you fully prepared for the inevitable aftermath? Do you have back up power, refrigeration and adequate lighting in addition to the usual survival necessities?
We don’t have to remind you that strong winds can damage or destroy vehicles, buildings, bridges, and other outside objects, turning loose debris into deadly flying projectiles. This can be quite devastating for any of us.
To help you prepare let’s look at some common back up power options like generators or power inverters.
Generators require fuel to operate and pose a strong risk for carbon monoxide poisoning. Fuel is also a fire hazard and when you’re already dealing with one catastrophe, a fire is not another that you will want to contend with.  Also, when the fuel runs out, your generator will not work anymore.
Power inverters are a great alternative. Why? It’s because they can run on renewable energy. With a deep cycle battery, solar panels, charge controllers and appropriate cabling, you will have your own regenerating power system designed to run many electrical loads. While heavy duty appliances may be out of the question, you will most certainly have enough power to run small loads like led lights and light electronics. Solar panels generate DC current, which through the charge controller, will recharge battery banks efficiently. This will put you in a suitable position to operate items like 12V portable coolers, rechargeable spotlights and communication devices. Because coolers consume less energy than a refrigerator and can provide you some relief for those important items you must keep cold. Power inverters are a quiet power source so you will not have to listen to the ongoing and annoying roar of a generator engine.
All Power Supply is stocked up on essential items like the THOR Inverter Kits, 12V coolers, spotlights and Solar Energy Kits. If you’re like many and are not prepared for the 2016 Hurricane Season, now is a great time to speak with your All Power Supply Representative about solutions that we have ready to ship to you today.
Call us now at 1-877-251-4446. 
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TH-PPI Series Inverters from THOR Manufacturing - Sunday, March 20, 2016
All Power Supply is pleased to announce the arrival of the new TH-PPI Series Inverters from THOR Manufacturing. "The TH-"PPI" Portable Power Inverter series sets a new benchmark for the power inverter market"
You can power your electronics with your car battery using (PPI) Portable Power Inverters from THOR. Featuring USB power ports and two AC outlets (TH200-PPI), it can be used for cell phones, audio players, laptops, tablets, DVD players and other portable electronic devices. Built-in overload protection keeps your devices safe. These inverters can be used even when your engine is off, and it will shut down automatically to prevent total battery drain.
With two New models serving the low power class of portable electronics, each boasting 3 prong ac outlets, single on the 100 watt model and two on the 200 watt model. Along with a 2.1 USB port on the TH100-PPI and a dual 2.1 and 1.0 USB Port on the TH200-PPI, they open up a tremendous amount of usage possibilities when compared to other small inverters on the market.
The TH100-PPI offers 100 watts of continuous duty with a 200 watt surge capability whereas the TH200-PPI offers 200 watts of continuous duty and an impressive 400 watt surge. Each model is fused and come with full protections like shutdown, over voltage, over current and also include a high efficiency rating of >85%. The TH100-PPI plugs directly into any 12V outlet.
A standout feature of the TH200-PPI is the 5 foot long extension CORD for the 12V connector. This is perfect for mobile offices or for the extra-long road trip when you want to keep the kids busy. Another great feature is the Smart Surge Control. The inverter will attempt to start loads above the continuous rating for up to 10 seconds.
THOR also has a variety of reliable and proven portable power inverters covering the low power requirements of consumers and business professionals. Other models include the TH225 (225 watts), TH400-S (400 watts) and TH750-S (750 watts) to help user run items like small power tools, gaming systems, computers and small appliances.
To learn more about the latest Models, please contact your All Power Supply Sales Representative today. You can reach us one of two ways. Call toll free at 1-877-251-4446 or email us at
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Save 25% on THFBCL Inverter Install Kits between now and December 15th. - Tuesday, November 17, 2015

 There is no drive-through in the USA that offers a combo as appetizing as the one we’re about to show you.  

In partnership with THOR Manufacturing, All Power Supply is offering one of the biggest savings opportunities we’ve had all year with the THOR THFBCBL inverter install kit. 
From now until December 15, 2015, when you buy any THOR modified sine wave inverters, 1000 watts or higher, you will receive 25% off the corresponding, Professional Grade THFBCBL Inverter Install Kit.
Why is this opportunity so special?  It’s because All Power Supply, the leading distributor of THOR Manufacturing products, negotiated this amazing savings opportunity so that you and your customers can take advantage of the excellent quality that THOR manufacturing offers.
The THFBCL Inverter Install Kit comes complete with one pair of cables, available in different lengths, fitted lugs and a fuse with block.  All of this comes in one complete package so you can install your inverter FAST.
What makes the THOR Professional Series, modified sine wave inverters extremely popular is that they are light weight, offer a high surge capacity, low noise cooling fan and offer full protections.
Between these two groups of products, there is not a better combination that will provide you with a lifetime of power and reliability that you would come to expect from THOR Manufacturing and All Power Supply.
To take advantage of 25% savings off your install kit when purchased with any 1000 watt to 5000 watt modified sine wave inverter before December 15th, you must call your all power supply representative now at 1-877-251-4446.  Sorry no rain checks. First come first serve, while supplies last.  Products must be shipped together. 
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There are great gift ideas waiting for you at All Power Supply! - Monday, November 9, 2015

 With Black Friday on the horizon and Christmas approaching fast, All Power Supply is stocked up on a wide variety of 12V Products and accessories great for any perfect Christmas gift. Best of all, we offer same day drop shipping so that you can have the gift shipped direct to your loved ones.  If there ever was a better time to start shopping, now’s the time!

Here are a few popular product suggestions to get you started:
 Not sure where to begin? Take a look at the 12V coolers from Peak. Whether you want to keep your beverages cold or warm, the Peak PKC0JN cooler that is just right for that special someone.  This model can hold up to nine cans and comes with a 12V adapter, so you can easily plug it into your car cigarette lighter or 12V auxiliary input. It’s a perfect gift for those long family road trips.
Another popular gift giving idea is a backup camera from Peak. Backup cameras make a great gift because they provide added safety in the complex world of driving. With a backup camera you can easily avoid a collision in the grocery store parking lot, and avoid any kind of Christmas or Black Friday shopping confrontation in the future. Backup cameras come in various display sizes including 3.5 inch, 4.3 inch, and 7 inch displays.
 12 V spotlights from Peak and Wagan have become very popular gifts, as well.  They’re user-friendly, extremely bright, light-weight, and the batteries last a long time. We’ve even introduced some new models this year.  Some are marine rated, camouflaged, and some have new lighting technology. These can be used in automotive, recreational, and commercial applications.
Our easy to use drop-ship program is especially useful for these holiday occasions. Why not take advantage of this to boost your holiday sales now? We are geared up to provide fast order turnaround that is completely worry free, and hassle free.
For more information about great gift giving ideas, or any of the other products carried by All Power Supply, please contact one of our helpful sales people by phone at 1.954.633.5536 or online
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Get more power with less energy with the Magnum MS2012 - Tuesday, October 27, 2015

 The MS2012 Pure Sine Wave Inverter by Magnum, available at All Power Supply, will give power to your most sensitive electronics without the fear of ruining devices such as your laptop or television.

This lightweight model makes it easy for mounting wherever you need it.  And the generous three-year warrantee will ensure you feel confident with your purchase.
But what makes the Magnum inverter unique is its Power Factor Corrected (PFC) Charger.  The PFC Charger uses approximately 25-30% less AC current than most chargers.  This makes the MS2012 Pure Sine Wave Inverter not only effective but cost efficient too.
The Magnum inverter offers the following charging specifications:
  • Continuous output at 25° C 100 ADC
  • Charger efficiency 85%
  • Power factor > 0.95
  • Input current at rated output (AC amps) 15
The conformal coating on the PCB, powder coated chassis and stainless steel fasteners offer corrosion protection, which makes this pure sine wave power inverter safe to use in humid environments.
What makes this Magnum 12V Pure Sine Wave Inverter even more impressive is that it is covered by a 3 year manufacturer’s warranty and it is ETL listed to UL and CSA safety standards. 
All Power Supply offers a wide variety of power inverters from Magnum for all of your power needs.  Whether it’s for taking your office on the road, making repairs in a remote area, or just having the conveniences of home when you’re away.
For more information about the high quality Magnum series of inverters, or any of the other inverters carried by All Power Supply, please contact one of our helpful sales people by phone 1.954.633.5536 or online.
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Get the power you need when you’re on the go - Friday, September 25, 2015


The Whistler XP Series Power Inverters with USB Port available at All Power Supply will help you get the power you need, even when you’re on the road.
These inverter models work by converting the DC power supplied by your vehicle’s battery into AC power, so you can plug in your devices, operate your tools or power your appliances.  Whistler Power Inverters are reliable and safe.  You can count on them when you need it most.
Have you ever needed to charge your phone or use your laptop when you’re away from home?  A Whistler Power Inverter can help.
Have you ever been in a remote site where you need to use power tools?  A Whistler Power Inverter can help with this too.
No matter the model you choose you can find the following features:
  • 1 or more AC Outlets
  • USB Port
  • Continuous Power
  • High Surge
  • Cooling Fan
  • Ground Fault Sensing
  • Electronic Circuit Protection
There is a model for whatever your power requirements are.  From 100 Watt to 3000 Watts.
All Power Supply is proud to carry the Whistler series of Power Inverters with USB Port.  To learn more about these inverters or about any of the high quality products available at All Power Supply give us a call 1.954.633.5536 or contact us online.
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New Spotlights From Peak At All Power Supply - Tuesday, September 15, 2015


We are happy to announce that All Power Supply carries all new Peak Spotlights. You can expect the same high quality features in these spotlights that you have come to know with all Peak products available at All Power Supply.
Some of the new spotlights are classified by lumens instead of candle power. The power is the same even though the numbers appear to be smaller. For example, 220 lumens is the same as 2.2 million candle power rating. With that said, there are a variety of models to ensure you will have enough light for your specific needs.  Whether you need to find something in a dark area, find your way at nighttime or have light available in the event of a power outage these spotlights have you covered. 
Many of the Peak Spotlights have rechargeable lithium batteries and offer several hours of runtime.  With the long-lasting LED light you can count on it even in an emergency.  These lightweight models are easy to carry and have a trigger switch for ease of use.
The PEAK line of spotlights are also available with a camouflage or marine specific application making them perfect for all of your outdoor activities. You can reference the selected models at
As with all products available at All Power Supply you can rely on high quality and excellent customer service from our technical sales associates. 
Were here to answer your questions, so give us a call at 1-877-251-4446 or get in touch with us via
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Peak PKCOJN, 12 Volt 9 Can Cooler and Warmer - A Convenient and Clever Solution - Wednesday, August 26, 2015


Now you can keep your food and drinks cold or warm when you’re on the go.  No more depending on food from unfamiliar places when you’re out on the road.  You can bring along your favorites, so you know what you’ll be eating.  This will also help you save money because you won’t be paying for meals when you’re away.
The Peak PKCOJN, 12 Volt 9 Can Cooler and Warmer available at All Power Supply Is a clever solution to store your refreshments at the temperature you need.     
This convenient travel cooler holds nine twelve-ounce cans of your favorite drink on those hot days.  It can keep your snacks and meals cold too.
But it’s not just a cooler.  It can also heat up your drinks or meals that you like to have warm.  Pre-heated meals or leftovers can be eaten even when you can’t be at home.
The Peak 12 Volt 9 Can Cooler and Warmer conveniently plugs directly into the cigarette lighter socket of your vehicle.  When you unplug the unit everything stays at the right temperature due to the insulation.  Cold or hot.  Anytime, anywhere.
And the easy to read LED indicator will let you know when your cooler contents are warm or cold. Find out more about this convenient product on our website.  Or give your All Power Supply sales representative a call at 1.877.251.4446.
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