Our supply chain services include product sourcing, procurement, warehousing, inventory management,distribution and fulfillment.

Sourcing & Procurement

APS has valuable strategic alliances with vendors located in Taiwan, Hong Kong, and China. Through these alliances, we are able to offer a wide and expanding range of products for your needs. We can also provide personal links to outsourcing agents for specialized "hard-to-get" items. APS professionals are available to help address and analyze any product, technical, design and cost concerns.

Product Development/Turn-Key Solutions/Concept-to-Market

APS is able to assist you in many aspects, from engineering and design of yourconcepts,to product development, sourcing,packagingand marketing of the finished product.

Private Branding

APS is able to source and/or manufacture a wide variety of products based on your specifications and private label the products with your brand name.

Sales, Marketing & Customer Support

APS takes value-add a step further by also providing the sales and marketing support for clients that do not have the infrastructure to promote and sell their products. We also understand that closing a sale is not where the job ends, but rather where it begins, and therefore the importance of on-going customer service and support. We boast an excellent customer service and support crew. Our APS professionals are available to you to address all your needs, problems and concerns.

Supply Chain & Third Party Logistics

The supply chain is a critical strategy component that can greatly impact operational results for any business. We pride ourselves in our ability to provide the best value, hassle-free sourcing, procurement, fulfill ment and distribution services. We can become your “invisible” partner by developing and managing your comprehensive fulfillment program.

In today's competitive climate, businesses are being pushed to put greater emphasis on their competencies, and in turn, outsource the complexities of purchasing, warehousing, inventory control, staging, and distribution. Our proven 3PL expertise and understanding of related operational complexities translates to our ability to help our customers conserve resources and realize improved efficiencies.

We have the ability to deliver on demand or just-in-time and be your entry to multiple markets and customers. Where customization is required, we are able to accommodate B-2-B and seamless EDI inventory and order tracking based on individual customer needs. The key value factor we offer is the flexibility and the spectrum of a one-stop, end-to-end solution, from product development to inventory management and sales and distribution, to other value-added products and services offerings, all that essentially can support one or all aspects of a client's business model as required. This means that we can scale according to your operational needs whether or not you are a small business owner or a large corporation.